About Arabian Nights Slot Game
Arabian Nights is an online progressive video slot from Net Entertainment. With Arabian Nights slots, players can lay their hands on all the treasures of the Middle East including the precious Progressive Jackpot!

All the graphics and symbols in the Arabian Nights slot game refer to the “Tales of a thousand and one Arabian nights" which included such classic tales as "Alladin's Wonderful Lamp," "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves," or "The Seven Voyages of Sindbad the Tailor."

Arabian Nights slot game setting is a hot desert night with Mosque towers raising to the moonlit sky. What is truly unique about Arabian Nights online slot game is the background music and sound effects. Out from a distance comes faint Arabian music which sounds like ancient mantra. Its kind of repetitive, but at the same time very soothing and unobtrusive and really gets you into meditative mood.

Arabic Prince is the most wanted symbol in the Arabian nights slot game. Make the maximum bet which is one coin on all 10 bet lines (total 10 coins), and if you see an Arabic Prince symbol on each of the reels on an enabled payline, you have every reason to congratulate yourself, as it means that you have won the Progressive Jackpot! If you don’t bet the maximum, then 5 charming Princes will reward you with 10000 coins which is the second biggest prize in the Arabian Nights slot game.

Shoes and Knife are essential to survive in the desert. Shoes give you protection against the burning desert sands, while Knife can prove really useful in the harsh conditions of the wilderness. That is why when you land five Shoes or Knife symbols on the reels, you will be rewarded with 1000 coins.

When simoom, which is a strong, dry, dust-laden local wind that blows in the Arabian desert, blows five hats off the Arab nomads and lands them straight on the reels, you win 300 coins. The same reward applies to the Tent symbol.

The Camel, the most popular means of communication in the desert, comes with the top prize of 150 coins. Did you know that there are over 160 words for "camel" in the Arabic language?

Below in the regular symbols payment list come five Card Numbers, from King symbol to Nine symbol. They pay between 75 and 150 for maximum five symbols on the reels.
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