Biggest Arabian Nights Wins

Three Millionaire “Arabs” from Norway:

The biggest win on Arabian Nights slot game is €4.8 million
The biggest win on Arabian Nights slot game is €4.8 million won by Peter from Norway at Betsson Casino. At that time, it was the the largest single casino win ever paid out by Betsson!

It all happened late in the evening, in March 2010. The forty year old man from Oslo decided to give the Arabian Nights slots a try, once more. The Arabian Nights progressive jackpot is very simple and includes no additional bonus games, so it all happened very quickly for Peter.

He placed 5 Euro max bet, a single spin, and voila, five Arabian princes grinning happily from across the computer screen! At first, hypnotised by the screen Peter needed some time to understand what had just happened. When the immobilising feeling shook off, Peter immediately contacted Betsson's support to have his winning confirmed. His first words were: “Is this true??? Take a look at my account balance. Is this really true?” “Yes” replied the consultant.

Jorgen from Norway won €1.66 million Euro in July 2010.
Jorgen from Norway won €1.66 million Euro in July 2010. Jorgen decided to play Arabian Nigths just before going out with his friends. What a good decision it proved to be! He entered Unibet Casino and wasn't really intending to play for a long time. On his 45th spin, Lady Luck smiled on Jorgen sending him five Princes symbol on the reels and thus the Progressive Jackpot!

€1,1 million at Unibet Casino
Further Arabian Nights' instant millionaire is Nils, another player from Norway, who scooped €1,1 million at Unibet Casino in January 2009. Well, one must admit that there is something peculiar about the attraction slot players from the windy and chilly Norway have to the Arabic countries where stifling hot days is a common occurrence.

Only a few clicks at the SPIN button and Nils was shaking his head in disbelief. He first saw five Arabian princes and then €1,100.000.

A few hours later he couldn’t find words to describe his emotional state: “It is not possible to describe how I feel right now. Can you believe it? They suddenly showed up in a row? I was so totally unprepared for this, but kind of notices something had happened, but I had to check once, twice and I am still checking the account to see if it is true, says the big winner over the phone.”

Asked what he will do with the money he said: “Pay off debt. That is certain! The rest? I have no idea but I will enjoy it big time. Don’t you doubt that, he says.”

€943,894 in August 2010
One should also add to the list a nearly-millionaire player from Norway who won €943,894 in August 2010. The lucky casino was the women's tailor-made Maria Casino which belongs to the Unibet Group.

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